Monday, November 13, 2006

Kanye delays Graduation, continues working hard.

Kanye West, the ubiquitous rapper and producer, won’t be graduating until late 2007, according to MTV News’ Mixtape Monday report.

His third album, Graduation, has been pushed back for months, and now it seems like he will spend time perfecting the album he has been uncharacteristically quiet about. He did say, though, that a song titled “The Glory,” which was originally going to be the new Common single, should be released by year’s end.

For those not patient enough to wait for Graduation, West has been working hard producing for other artists. Besides working on upcoming albums from Common, Consequence, Mos Def and Nas, he has a plethora of production on several current releases:

- John Legend’s new single, “Heaven,” from the album Once Again, which can be heard on his MySpace page.
- Diddy’s “Everything I Love,” which features Nas and Cee-Lo, from the album Press Play.
- The Game’s “Wouldn’t Get Far,” from the album Doctor’s Advocate.
- Jay-Z’s “Do U Wanna Ride,” which features John Legend, from the upcoming Kingdom Come.
- Talib Kweli’s “In The Mood,” from the upcoming Ear Drum.


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