Monday, October 09, 2006

New Jay-Z single leaks.

Less than a month after it was announced that Jay-Z would come out of retirement, his new single has found its way to the Internet and radio.

“Show Me What You Got,” the first single from Jay-Z’s ninth solo studio album, Kingdom Come, was supposed to be released by Def Jam Records on Oct. 11, but was readily available online Friday afternoon. Shortly after, radio stations across the country began playing the song. According to a story on All Hip Hop, Def Jam was investigating the leak.

The song is produced by frequent Jay-Z collaborator Just Blaze, and can be heard on his MySpace page. Blaze sampled vocals and horn melodies from songs by Johnny Pate, The Lafayette Afro Rock Band and Public Enemy, and paired it with live instrumentation to create the beat for “Show Me What You Got,” according to a story from XXL Magazine.

The song, like many of Jay-Z’s first singles, isn’t very notable in the lyrics department. Jay-Z doesn’t make any poignant political or social commentary on the song, but he usually saves that for album tracks. But the beat will surely satisfy both hip-hop connoisseurs and partygoers alike.


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