Sunday, September 10, 2006

Talib Kweli prepares third solo release, Ear Drum

Brooklyn-based rapper Talib Kweli is at a pivotal crossroads in his career. After releasing two critically-praised albums, Black Star (a collaboration with rapper/actor Mos Def) and Train of Thought(a collaboration with Cincinnati-based producer Hi-Tek), he disappointed many with 2004’s Beautiful Struggle, his second solo album.

Beautiful Struggle wasn’t a bad album per se, but Kweli seemed out of place rapping his typical socially and politically conscious subject matter over beats that were a too club-friendly. He’s hoping to change that with Ear Drum, scheduled for release on Nov. 7.

MTV posted a story that seems to indicate that Kweli is moving in the right direction to restore his original sound. Ear Drum will be his first album on Warner Bros., after escaping the hip-hop purgatory of Geffen Records (The Roots recently left Geffen as well.)

According to the article, Kweli will soon be recording with producers Kanye West and Just Blaze, with whom he always seems to make great songs with (just listen to “Get By” and “Never Been In Love.”) Plus, the album will feature vocal contributions from hip-hop acts Strong Arm Steady and U.G.K., along with folk singer Norah Jones.

If the first single, “Listen,” is any indication (the song and its accompanying video can be seen on his official web site), of the album’s direction, than I think we’re all in for a treat.


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I'm looking foward to buying the new album coming out in November.

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